About Us

We are an NGO for development born in Portugal in 2011, with the purpose of helping and supporting disadvantaged people, without resources through partnerships and social support projects inside and outside Portugal. We commit ourselves to welcome and supply the basic needs of those who have nothing, reaching individuals from the most uncharted places of present-day society.


Partilha Constante “Constant Sharing” aims at achieving a global society in which each human being, based on his fundamental dignity and equality, is the responsible and dynamic agent of his own and common well-being, developing it with commitment and ethics, fighting corruption with eradicate poverty and promote equity.


Partilha Constante “Constant Sharing” mission is to implement programs for the eradication of poverty at the national and international levels, establishing partnerships and/or synergies with other NGOs and similar organizations through a series of activities that involve prevention, training, and social action so that vision is implemented.

Cooperation Protocol

A Protocol of Cooperation between Partilha Constante “Constant Sharing” – Association and the Portuguese Remar Association was signed, both parties being non-profit private associations dedicated to help the most disadvantaged through and among others, projects to combat social exclusion and poverty. The first protocol was established on August 2, 2011, and its main objective is the fight against poverty and social exclusion, benefiting from the credibility and knowledge of the second.
The second is an association established in Portugal for 25 years, with various projects to combat poverty and social exclusion in several cities, as well as internationally. Both parts will develop cooperation strategies for the implementation of projects to combat social exclusion and poverty appropriate to their modus operandi, with the aim of helping the most disadvantaged.

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A Partilha Constante Associação O.N.G.D. de utilidade pública subvenciona projetos de ação social levados a cabo em parceria com outras associações congéneres em Portugal e nos Palop, gratos pela compreensão.

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