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I want to support a project

At “Partilha Constante” Constant Sharing we have developed several projects throughout the year, which are duly disclosed on our website and on Facebook. These initiatives meet our needs and need your support. These are just a few examples that you can get involved with.

  • Humanitarian aid container shipment
  • Caravan I-Meeting “Street Social Support”
  • Supportive suppers
  • Open Hands “Food Distribution”
  • Sponsor a child “Through the Assar Remar PAC Program”
  • I want to be a Volunteer

AT “Partilha Constante” Constant Sharing we value the volunteers’ work. If you want to help us with the projects in progress, fill out the form and wait for our contact.

E-mail: rp@partilhaconstante.org



A Partilha Constante Associação O.N.G.D. de utilidade pública subvenciona projetos de ação social levados a cabo em parceria com outras associações congéneres em Portugal e nos Palop, gratos pela compreensão.

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