Food Support and Humanitarian Aid to Africa

Within all functions of a Social Support Institution, at national and international levels, there is always much work ahead. This November weekend was loaded with social activities and we were able to load a container of Humanitarian Aid for our Remar Host Centers in Cape Verde, followed by the Open Hands Project where food baskets are distributed to the usual families enrolled in the Sintra council.

loading humanitarian aid to africa humanitarian aid remarhumanitarian aid remar team loading the container

we work in partnership with Remar Portugal Asociation, to develop social projects, both at national and international level, where there are hundreds of Host Family Centers, Abandoned Children, Orphans, Single Mothers, the Elderly, Homeless People , Drug addicts and all kinds of people with the most varied social problems.

food distribution open hand project

food donation food bags

And so we reach many people who need help in these areas of dependency and lack. 

We ask for your valuable contribution to continue to carry out each of these Social Projects, and believe that your donation will make a difference.

Do for others what you want others to do for you, when you need it most!


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