New Facilities for Rehabilitation and Social Integration

Coruche Farm


Quinta de Coruche is a new Reception Center for NGO REMAR and Partilha Constante Association, for the recovery and rehabilitation of men at risk, and is located in the District of Santarém.

We are equipped with many resources and open spaces for the well-being of our users, so we can closely monitor their entire recovery process.

We are open to receive all those who want to change their lives and be freed from the scourge of addictions to have a normal and healthy life. And our program is offered free of charge and immediately.

As an institution of Christian character, we believe that Faith is one of the main means for this change. Yes, we believe and we have proven that this is possible!

These facilities were acquired in 2021 with the sole purpose of being able to receive and help people who need and want to change their lives with addictions as soon as possible. To the homeless, drug addicts, the marginalized and those who for various reasons do not have family members and/or are at social risk, our door is open with free and immediate entry.

For the inclusion of its users, agricultural activities and/or other recreational activities will be carried out in this community for the development,  also Christian principles and values.

Therefore, we extend this invitation to families and individuals in need, and we are willing to do everything possible for their rehabilitation, counting on their desire and cooperation.

We also want to extend this invitation to Food Retail Companies, so that you can collaborate with essential goods to supply the daily food of these people. And to the companies that already collaborate with us, we thank you, and believe that all your help has been precious and will always be welcome.

We want to thank all those who make these Projects of Help and Love for Others possible.

Thank you very much and may God bless you!






A Partilha Constante Associação O.N.G.D. de utilidade pública subvenciona projetos de ação social levados a cabo em parceria com outras associações congéneres em Portugal e nos Palop, gratos pela compreensão.

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