Solidarity is an act of kindness and understanding  others. The times we live in today are very difficult for many people and whole families. The response capacity of the various institutions is insufficient in view of the growing number of requests for help from families in despair.

So, solidarity, as one of the most important human values, makes more and more sense today. It is a value that becomes real through the union of several people for the same cause, always with the objective of doing good. That is why it should be inculcated and active in every individual in today’s society.

Solidarity is sharing what we are, what we know and what we have

The modern individualist mentality does not exclude solidarity actions, something that persists within contemporary societies. This humanizing phenomenon does exist among the citizens of a democracy, where everyone feels subject to the same weaknesses and the same dangers.

In this way, the common interest creates the rule of providing solidarity, that is, being solidary in today’s society, it is an act of courage and of inestimable value, however fragile and of a selfish relationship. (Luís Lemos)

apoio social, ajuda aos outros solidariedade no mundo

Being supportive does us as much good as those we help

Being supportive becomes a source of joy. It is to achieve, with small gestures, to transform and make a difference in other people’s lives. We realize that the joy of giving can be greater than receiving.

Every act and the time invested to do something for the welfare of other, is returned to us in a multiplied way in life. Whatever we plant, we will reap.

As we practice solidarity, we become more flexible and realize others need. But we can also see the joy and relief on the faces of those who receive help. The feeling of satisfaction is reciprocal, an act of mutual help.

We have nothing to prevent us from carrying out solidarity acts or activities. Rather, on the contrary, we are increasingly encouraged to help those in need. So try to do something for the good of others.

A small gesture can make all the difference!