Social Service Projects to the Community Service

The OPEN HANDS Project distributes basic food baskets every fortnight on Fridays.

On 16 February, food baskets were distributed to the usual families. We call on all those who can contribute to this and other SOCIAL PROJECTS that we carry out, inside and outside Portugal, reaching a large number of people.


The CARAVAN I-METTING PROJECT is one of the projects of the CONSTANT SHARING ONGD ASSOCIATION “Partilha Constante”, in partnership with REMAR ASSOCIATION.

This work is done through a van equipped for the SOCIAL SUPPORT SERVICE.

We give assistance to the most needy, giving them immediate assistance and assistance in food, clothing and shelter, seeking to remove them from the street and the degrading situation in which they find themselves.

This work is done every day of the week except Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Our van parks in specific points, in the most needy areas of the city of Lisbon.






A Partilha Constante Associação O.N.G.D. de utilidade pública subvenciona projetos de ação social levados a cabo em parceria com outras associações congéneres em Portugal e nos Palop, gratos pela compreensão.

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