Support to the Community in Need in Partnership with Remar NGO South Africa

We work in partnership with REMAR NGO SOUTH AFRICA, which is present in this country, in an area of great need for a city with a large dimensions. Following the projects carried out in Portugal, in this country some of these SUPPORT PROJECTS are also carried out in the needy community.

The OPEN HANDS PROJECT distributes food baskets to families in need, to more than 15 families. This continuous distribution is in cooperation with New Beginning Christian Fellowship Church in South Hills.

This partnership also helps families that, due to the Covid-19 situation, do not have a job, and they lack money to buy food. This cooperation protocol of Constant Sharing with REMAR SOS works to help these Families at Risk.

partilha e remar ongs partilha e remar ongs

Therefore, everyone, including you, can and must collaborate in this project, because all the help is little to help so many.

We also distribute clothes, toys and basic items that are sent from Portugal to these and other people who, even before this Pandemic, already suffered from economic and social needs.

Help us to help others! You will feel greatly rewarded!

Do it now!