South Africa food distribution

REMAR SOUTH AFRICA since 1998 is offering help to addicted people and the marginalized. We have played a very important role in the area of ​​detoxification, creating ties of collaboration with local entities.

With the economic and social crisis that the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused worldwide, the REMAR Association in partnership with the Constant Sharing Association continues to give its support to help the most disadvantaged.

Food Collections are held weekly and distributed between our Reception Centers and the Partner Ministries that collaborate with us.

Therefore, we offer assistance through these assets to the Shekinah ministry, which in turn distributes them to 50 needy families.

Ladies of Transformation also receives these foods to distribute to around 250 people. The Sunflower Pre-School receives bread, milk and other foods, which are distributed by teachers and their families.

New Life Church also receives Food and Personal Care Products that are distributed to 85 families in difficulty.

In SOUTH AFRICA we have 7 Reception Centers for men in rehabilitation; another Women’s Center and Homes for families and children. We also have 2 Sales and Collection Points to help finance our Free Help Centers.

23 years of REMAR’s Unconditional Support have already passed in this country, now with our partnership and the precious help of the Portuguese and Spanish Volunteers and Missionaries, who are still active in this Humanitarian Aid today.

We thank all those who collaborate with us and make this help possible to those most in need.

Please help us! There is still a lot to do.


Actions are worth more than words!